Banban is 20 kilometers away from King Abdullah financial center, and the project land is about 2,600,000 square meters. The design of the study area was considered to be a sustainable suburb with a variety of uses to create an urban environment of high quality and availability of new economic opportunities for the city of Riyadh.
Where the new patterns of complexes, a rehabilitation center at a global standard, and activities of a new commercial center outlet, shopping malls, and entertainment complexes. As the project provided a diverse pattern with the presentation of a new type of housing and a better-known introduction to townhouses in addition to residential compounds that provide environmental and integrated services to the population.
Furthermore, the project provided Private residential compounds to have the highest rates of luxury stadiums, golf courses, health clubs, services, and facilities of a high standard.

LOCATION: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
CLIENT: Private
SIZE: 2,600,000 M2