Primarily INDEXA conducted a desktop data collection in addition to a site visit to Djibouti to gather information for this project.
The information will be divided into:
1 – Regional Context
The socio-economic context of Djibouti: INDEXA will primarily (In High Level) analyze the economic profile of Djibouti, study government spending, consumer spending, and foreign investment patterns (trends). Furthermore, our team will induct a desktop primarily analysis of the real estate market. Studying which type of real estate product is more attractive.
2 – Local Context
INDEXA team aims in this task to gather and capture all economic/social and urban impact on the study area. Moreover, our team will travel to Djibouti in order to create a focus group with stakeholders. The aim of stakeholders meetings is to ensure our desktop data collection, inspect the study area, and to acknowledge the views and expectation of stakeholders.
3 – Identifying The Best Use
In this vital task, INDEXA will compose an integrated analysis. The analysis will consider real estate market segment, current, and future. It will also study the impact of future development i.e. new ports, city growth, new airport. INDEXA team will conduct an integrated approach to measure and assess the impact of urban activities, city future growth and the impact of launching a new airport and new ports (harbor). Furthermore, our team will take into account the impact and needs of other organizations such as the United Nation and all other military bases. These major organizations provide a potential target market for real estate tenants or potential retail buyers (users) seeking retail and land use activities.