The Sports Boulevard is a cycling and sports corridor that inspires new development, promotes wellness and social exchange‭, ‬and enables vibrant communities to thrive‭. ‬Insupport of Vision 2030‭, ‬the project’s overarching goal is to improve the quality of lifefor all residents by taking a people-first approach to design of the public‭ ‬realm‭. ‬The project will enhance the relationship between humans and their natural‭, ‬social‭, ‬and built environments‭. ‬The project spans three distinct corridors‭: ‬Wadi Hanifah‭, ‬Wadi Sulay‭, ‬and Saud Bin Muqrin Road‭. ‬It stretches 135‭ ‬km from end-to-end and will‭ ‬add over 3.000.000‭ ‬square meters of urban open space to the City of Riyadh‭. ‬It will provide over 1.000.000‭ ‬square meters of prime development land adjacent to world class parks and recreation facilities‭. ‬It will include over 200‭ ‬km of cycling paths‭, ‬providing riders of any skill level a unique and memorable experience‭. ‬Collectively‭, ‬the Sports Boulevard‭ (‬SB‭) ‬will become an international destination for those seeking unique riding experiences‭, ‬iconic and exciting urban environments‭, ‬and authentic Saudi culture‭.‬